Water and Wastewater Treatment

Domestic wastewater from toilets, showers, washroom and kitchen sinks, dishwashers, and washing machines together make up sewage wastewater. Treated at sewage treatment plants (STPs), this wastewater undergoes a series of stages to eliminate contaminants and reach safe parameters. Treated sewage effluent is typically used as irrigation water.

STPs focus on certain parameters during treatment: oil and grease, total suspended solids (TSS), chemical oxygen demand (COD), and biological oxygen demand (BOD5). Total dissolved solids (TDS) are not treated in conventional STPs, but certain technologies can be added to decrease it. In each treatment stage, sewage undergoes different kinds of processing that target specific parameters.

Blue water and wastewater treatment solutions have four core features:

1. Plug & Play – Technology can be deployed in containerized Plug & Play solutions with no minimal civil work.
2. Efficient & Cost Effective – Small footprint and low-OPEX system that is a feasible alternative to conventional systems.
3. Smart Design – Utilization of smart technology and sensors allow for automated operation with remote monitoring and control.
4. Modular – Design allows for easy integration with pre-existing processes and infrastructure.

Water and wastewater treatment

Blue offers specialized On-Site Treatment services that deliver water quality enhancement for domestic, commercial, and industrial wastewater effluents. Treatment modules are designed to meet effluent wastewater quality requirements, with partial and full-treatment alternatives that allow for water reuse on-site. They are installed above existing septic tanks or in-line with sewerage discharge line, with no/minimal civil works.

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