About Us

Who are we?

With an ever-increasing population and demand on resources, Blue aims to create sustainable waste management and environmental services that protect our planet for generations to come.
We provide efficient and innovative products, solutions, and a wide range of specialized and technical services enabling our clients to maintain the highest standards of health within their businesses, including facilities for waste collection and recovery, energy saving solutions, food waste technologies, technical products, and specialized cleaning & decontamination services.

Blue LLC
Ahmed Alserkal

Ahmed Bin Eisa Bin Nasser Alserkal

Chairman of Alserkal Group

Since our inception in 1947 by Nasser bin Abdullatif Alserkal, we have maintained the needs of our customers as our prime focus, catering to their requirements through our various services, technology and products.
At Alserkal, we don’t only focus on our corporate growth but look to our community growth as well, be it through relationship building, engaging in various corporate and social activities, and spreading awareness. We have been blessed for the overall role we play in UAE and Dubai especially, and persist to continue on this ever-growing path with our clients and customers remaining as our main priority”

Vision, Mission & Core Values


Explore opportunities to build a sustainable future.


Work alongside the local community in creating positive environmental impacts with our digital solutions.

Core Values

Family, Accountability, Meritocracy, Digitization, Agility