Energy Efficiency Solutions in HVAC Systems

As a locally based company, we know how hot it can get here in the GCC, and how important it is to have a working HVAC system Living in a climate that reaches temperatures as high as 50°C in summers means running the AC is a necessity for health and comfort. It estimated that AC systems can consume 40-75% of a buildings electrical energy across the year.

Blue would like to offer you the opportunity to save money while you cool yourselves down.

We carry a range of products and solutions that can be applied across different types of HVAC systems to:

• Increase the efficiency of water in system to transfer heat [EndoCool]
• Optimize your compressor run cycles
• Offer evaporative cooling using wet walls

From additive dosing to retrofit technology, we can provide a sustainable and energy efficient solution for you!

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EndoCool is an additive designed for chilled water circuits that saves you money and energy. It reduces the surface tension of system water by 60% which increases heat transfer. The increase in heat transfer improves system efficiency, thus reducing your costs from energy consumption. It is a 100% organic surfactant that is safe, non-reactive and compatible with any other HVAC chemicals added to your system.

EndoCool guarantees a minimum of 5% savings when added to your system!

Give us a call is you are interested in discussing out sustainable and cost saving solution!

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Energy Efficiency Solutions in HVAC Systems

EndoCool is added via injection pump or through a pot-feeder into your chilled water circuits, and provided there are no leaks in the system, EndoCool will last a minimum of 9 years. Normally, glycol is typically added to increase heat transfer, but it is expensive and difficult to dispose of as it is harmful to the environment. In comparison, EndoCool is safe for sanitary sewers and does not bioaccumulate. In fact, because EndoCool is 100% organic, it has a low embodied carbon and is highly sustainable. A 1-gallon container has a typical embodied carbon of 5kg of CO2e, and after installing EndoCool offsets the embodied carbon within a few weeks.