Waste Cooking Oil to Biodiesel Facility

Alserkal Group – a family business based in Dubai – has established a strong foothold in Dubai’s waste management systems and services through its environmental subsidiary Blue LLC. Understanding the opportunities that fat, oil, and grease (FOG) wastes – including used cooking oils – carry prompted Alserkal Group and Blue LLC to approach Abu Dhabi’s waste management authority, Tadweer, that resulted in a joint venture to construct and operate Blue Biofuels Facility: a used cooking oil to biodiesel facility based in Al Mafraq, Abu Dhabi. The facility will hold and process up to 56,000 litres of UCO/day collected across the city of Abu Dhabi. The by-products of this process include a high-grade biodiesel compliant with the required standards for heavy vehicle use and glycerine to be used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

The Blue Biofuels facility will serve as another solution under the Blue LLC umbrella that addresses FOG waste handling and management in the UAE. Through extensive experience and knowledge in used cooking oil collection and handling, Blue LLC will strategize with Tadweer to develop a comprehensive waste collection service. Furthermore, while used cooking oil will be the dominant feedstock to this facility, it will seek to utilize brown grease as a feedstock as well. Brown grease is the main by-product of Alserkal Envirol, a grease trap waste recycling plant and another subsidiary facility of Blue LLC. Thus, the operation of this facility will close the loop on FOG waste collected across the UAE while producing multiple valuable commodities that may be reinjected into the UAE’s markets.

Blue Bio Diesel