Used Cooking Oil Collection Service

Whether you run a restaurant, university, hotel or are simply at home, cooking oils have a prominent place in the kitchen and are consumed in high quantities. Frying oil quality is vital to maintain in any of these establishment, but once that oil reaches the limit of free fatty acids allowed, what would the next step be?

Play your part to save our environment. Call us to collect your used cooking oil now!

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Pouring the oil down drain lines can cause blockages, backflow, and ruptures to the sewage pipes in and around the area. Any burst pipes and damaged drains will eventually require costly cleaning and replacing. Throwing the oil into the waste bin causes it to end up in landfills where it can attract pests, and breakdown to release methane and carbon dioxide. Also, much like directly dumping your frying oil outside, leaks into the outdoor environment from sewage pipe backups can cause strong odours and be harmful to surrounding, plants, soil, and animals.

Used cooking oil is not only a danger to the environment but is a problem for people as well. Old and waste cooking oil can cause severe health complications and contains carcinogenic properties. If the used oil is not regulated, illegal collectors are known to collect and resell it to global developing communities claiming it to be new oil ready for consumption.

Blue is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISCC certified.

Used Cooking Oil Collection

What can be done with used cooking oil if it has so many negative impacts?

Blue will pay YOU to collect your used cooking oil. We were the first entity in the UAE to collect used cooking oil and are ISSC certified. Since we’ve started, we have successfully collected more than 20 million litres of used cooking oil and recycled responsibly. We ensure it is processed to biodiesel that vehicles can use as an alternative to normal petroleum fuel. There are less harmful emissions from biofuels and promoting their production is one of the aims of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.