Recycling Facilities

In support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Blue focuses on finding ways to build a greener and sustaining future. Blue has several facilities to make sure we cater to your typical solid wastes, as well as wastes that are usually overlooked. Our material recycling facility ensures municipal solid waste is sorted rather going directly to a landfill. In addition to solid waste recycling, we have established facilities that can recycle and repurpose your cooking oil, fats, and grease trap waste to prevent damage to local land and marine ecosystems.

Recycling Facility

Material Recovery Facility

Understanding the need for these services in the UAE, Alserkal Group – a family business based in Dubai – sought out multiple ventures in the waste management and recycling to address and fill the gaps of the city. Alserkal Group has delved into MRFs through establishing Green Mountain. This MRF receives municipal solid waste (MSW), sorts it to extract various recyclables, and bales those products then stores them for shipping. The facility also processes plastic waste, where various forms of plastic are pelletized and prepared for further shipping and reuse.

Blue Bio Diesel

Waste Cooking Oil to Biodiesel Facility

Alserkal Group – a family business based in Dubai – has established a strong foothold in Dubai’s waste management systems and services through its environmental subsidiary Blue LLC. Understanding the opportunities that fat, oil, and grease (FOG) wastes – including used cooking oils – carry prompted Alserkal Group and Blue LLC to approach Abu Dhabi’s waste management authority, Tadweer, that resulted in a joint venture to construct and operate Blue Biofuels Facility