Material Recovery Facility

Understanding the need for these services in the UAE, Alserkal Group – a family business based in Dubai – sought out multiple ventures in the waste management and recycling to address and fill the gaps of the city. Alserkal Group has delved into MRFs through establishing Green Mountain. This MRF receives municipal solid waste (MSW), sorts it to extract various recyclables, and bales those products then stores them for shipping. The facility also processes plastic waste, where various forms of plastic are pelletized and prepared for further shipping and reuse. The facility can process a capacity of up to 1200 tons of MSW/day – with the potential to expand to up to 4000 tons of MSW/day and can produce up to 10 tons of plastic pellets/day. Green Mountain now seeks to automate and digitize its process using equipment and software that better detects and separates material at a much faster pace, allowing the facility to maximize its processing potential through more effective and accurate methods.

Recycling Facility