Waste Management

Putting waste to good use

Working within the industrial, commercial and residential areas of the food producing industries, we find smart solutions to collect, recover and recycle your grease trap waste and used cooking oil by turning it into sustainable resources through our companies Envirol and Core Green.

We take the waste from the grease traps and put it to use, by transforming it into soil, water and refined oil that can be reused for composting, irrigation and cosmetics. With our effective systems, we can also recover used cooking oil and turn it into biodiesel.

At Blue, when it comes to waste, there’s nothing we can’t reuse.

Our Waste Management Numbers

2009 Envirol
40000 Gallons
processed per day
8000 Environmental
friendly practices
3 Environmental by-products
from organic waste

What We Do


Recycle. Re-use. Rethink your waste

Envirol uses innovative technology to assist commercial kitchens to handle and treat grease trap waste in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. They not only safely dispose of grease trap waste, but also put it to good use by turning it into soil, water and refined oil that can be reused for composting, irrigation and cosmetics.


Used cooking oil collection

Core Green is our used cooking oil collection division. Through its collection services, Core Green recovers the used cooking oil by ensuring that the waste is converted into bio-diesel. In the near future, Core Green will locally process used cooking oil into bio-diesel.

fleet of trucks

Blue Waste Management Services LLC

We at Blue Waste Management are specialized into waste collection and transportation in Dubai. We believe and provide high quality services of waste collection and disposal with excellent safety and design standards on time anywhere around the Dubai city to our valuable customers.

Disposing of waste in an environmentally – friendly manner is crucial to your business. We can help. Our experts will assess your waste streams and develop the right recycling and disposal solution for you. We assess your needs to determine the right service type, container size and collection frequency for your site. We provide high quality services of waste collection and disposal in Dubai in accordance with Dubai Municipality rules and regulations.

We will be adding now to our offerings new comprehensive and specialized services which includes the following:

*Supply of different range and sizes of Waste containers, bins and skips to our customers

*Collection, Transportation and Disposal of MSW, Construction and Demolition Waste and Green Waste

*Collection, Transportation and Disposal of Hazardous Waste (liquid and solid)

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Material Recovery Facility

Blue LLC has now partnered with Green Mountain Recycling and Waste Management LLC in managing and maintaining the operations of Material Recovery Facility located on Al Ain Road. Green Mountain comes with vast experience in the field of waste segregation, material recovery and general waste management.

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