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Pioneering environmental innovation

Pioneering environmental innovation

At Blue, we believe innovation is our region’s most valuable resource.

We are committed to being at the forefront of technology and investing in research and development to enhance our environmental services stewardship.

That’s why we have created strategic alliances with multinational corporations. These innovative businesses forge the future within food waste treatment, energy saving, water treatment, and biological chemical engineering.

Our products include odour control and hydrocarbon remediation, water quality improvement, soil conditioning, grease and fats removal. We ensure all of our products are not only completely safe, non-toxic and bio-degradable, but offer a new model for green chemistry that improves the ecological health of ecosystems.

For us, it’s all about developing smarter, sustainable solutions for a greener future.

Our Technology & Products Numbers

50 (%) Energy savings
82 (%) Heat reduction
100 (%) Approved by
Dubai Municipality
5000 Clients

What We Do


The revolutionary energy saving solution

In’Flector is a NASA-designed window insulation that stabilises indoor temperature allowing natural light in, while reflecting back solar heat and UV rays. This solution allows for a safe, comfortable working environment with lower energy bills. In’Flector panels have in fact proven to reduce energy costs by 50% by addressing the least efficient aspect of our homes and buildings – windows.


MegaLab Dubai

MegaLab is a speciality maintenance chemical manufacturer, committed to helping customers solve environmental problems using biotechnology. MegaLab has developed alliances with world leaders in the industry, allowing Blue to offer solutions in the field of wastewater treatment, waste management, odour control, agriculture, grease & oil remediation, and water clarity.

Bio Organic Catalyst

Bio-Organic Catalyst (BOC) produces highly innovative non-toxic, odour-controlled, eco-friendly cleaning products for industrial oil and grease removal which are both EcoCatalyst and NONTOX. BOC products are directed at solving the most critical aspects of improving water quality and improving those that present the greatest challenges. The strength of the BOC technology is its ability to contribute unique solutions to enhancing the underlying biological and chemical processes that are universal to nearly all industrial cleaning, petroleum hydrocarbon remediation, water treatment and purification systems worldwide.

Our BOC applications include:

• Agriculture
• Anaerobic digestion
• Aquaculture
• Bio-catalytic cleaning
• Facilities management
• Hydrocarbon cleaning/remediation
• Odour control management
• Wastewater treatment & collection systems
• Water clarification
• Grease trap and sump pit treatment

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Kleanz offers a range of high quality eco-friendly cleaning products including dish liquid, oven cleaner, disinfectants, vegetable wash, hand wash, bleaches and toilet cleaners. The entire Kleanz product range is locally produced in the UAE.

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Non-Pathogenic bacteria solutions
We provide non-pathogenic bacterial solutions for waste management services.
The range of applications include:

• Waste water treatment
• Grease trap
• Kitchen drain and exhaust
• Toilet cleaning
• Septic tank cleaning
• Water and soil bioremediation