Blue Waste Management Services LLC


Disposing waste in an environmentally-friendly manner is crucial to any business. Blue Waste Management Services (BWMS), provides quality services of waste collection and disposal in accordance with the Municipality’s rules and regulations in the Emirate of Dubai. Within this acquisition, Blue will be adding new comprehensive and specialized services, which include the following:
– Supply different ranges and sizes of waste containers, bins and skips to our customers;
– Collect, transport and dispose of MSW, Construction and Demolition Waste and Green Waste;
– Collect, transport and dispose of Hazardous Waste (liquid and solid).

These collection services will complement existing services and will be incorporated into Blue’s existing Waste Management business line, enabling the combined businesses to operate more efficiently and enhance our customer service offering.

Vision and Objectives:

Our vision is aligned with the optimistic vision of the government of the UAE, which is related to having Zero waste diverted to landfill by 2030. We will be working closely with different institutions to reduce the amount of waste diverted to landfill through advocating reusing, recycling of recovered material and converting waste into other mediums of use such as energy, biofuel, …etc. We, at Blue LLC, adhere to all municipalities’ regulations and drive our way to pioneer in technological products and services from across the globe.

We provide collection, transportation and disposal of the following types of waste:

  • General Compactable and Non-Compactable Waste
  • Construction and Demolition Waste
  • Sewage Liquid Waste
  • Hazardous Solid
  • Healthcare Waste
  • Recyclables Collection

With strong technical teams and specialized leaders with extensive waste management backgrounds, Blue LLC assures 100% effective, innovative and sustainable solutions of waste management for all our clients.